About me

I bring transformation with a smile.

I believe that all the answers are within. These answers emerge when the mind is calm, without confusions and conflict. This calm comes from clarity – the foundation of transformation. As a life clarity coach, I facilitate clarity as the start point for living a life of your choice.

Since childhood, with my ability to verbalise thoughts and confusions, I could encourage the others to do the same with clarity coaching. This ability helped me assist others because when we verbalise a confusion coherently, we face it beautifully and deal with it effectively.

Certified NLP Trainer & Master Coach,  Certified Consultant for Dermatoglyphic Neuroscientific Evaluation (Fingerprint Analysis),  Masters in Applied Psychology, PGDip in Guidance and Counselling, B.Ed – with more than 18 years of experience, I am blessed to be doing what I love — working with and for people.

what is a clarity coach
Life Clarity Coach - Dolveen Bhatti

Extraordinary Experiences

Life experiences that make you go beyond your fears, show that you are so much more than what you think you are.

Skydiving, 2021 – Humans are born with the fear of falling and to jump from a height of more than 10,000ft is facing that fear head-on. Letting go of that airplane was by far the scariest and bravest thing I have ever done. The reward for facing the primal fear and taking the leap – I FLEW!! It was the most peaceful and exhilarating feeling, beyond description. Surreal. I realize I cannot look at life the same way after this. This is the power of facing your fears. As a life clarity coach myself, I use this feeling as my anchor whenever I take a leap of faith in the face of uncertainty and self-doubt.

Summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, 2022 – Mt Kilimanjaro, at 5895m/19340ft is the highest mountain in Africa. In the 8-day trek covering 70km and ascending over 14,000 feet from the base to the top, I shattered limiting beliefs and conquered the mountain of self-doubt. The biggest hurdle was the commitment to the trek. The final summit attempt is by far the most difficult thing I have ever done. Nothing can prepare you for it. That night when the oxygen and temperature were the lowest, my determination was the highest. I am proud that I summited without any external help. At the top, I was engulfed with a feeling of tranquility. I DID IT ! I embraced the truth – It is not the mountain you conquer, but yourself.

Core Values

Unconditional Acceptance, Respect and Humour – the core values that are my anchors that hold me steady as I navigate life.

Acceptance for self and the other. Respect for self and the others. 

Humour, well, if we can’t smile, what are we living for, right ? ☺

My Hobbies

When with others, I like to cycle, trek, dance, laugh and discuss.

When by myself, I like to walk, read, smile and paint flowers on cards and bookmarks (when you meet me, you get one ). 

Gratitude is a constant companion. You will never find me without my sense of humour.

Professional Qualifications & Certifications

  • MA Applied Psychology (Specialization in Organizational Behavior) – Delhi University, 1995
  • PGDip in Counseling – Annamalai University, 1999
  • B.Ed – Guru Nanak Dev University, 2001
  • Dermatoglyphics Neuroscientific Evaluation – brainbow.co.in, 2019
  • NLP Practitioner – ABNLP, 2018
  • NLP Master Practitioner – ABNLP, 2019
  • NLP Trainer – ABNLP and Treacle Academy UK, 2022 
clarity coaching and consulting

Running Projects 

iDynamics – The Flow of Self Invention.
My programme that takes you on a 12 week journey of Self-Discovery to Self-Invention.

I am always ready for a conversation

If you want to think through your thoughts,
If you want to understand your feelings,
If you want to explore choices,
If you want to untangle confusions,
If you want to unravel a few mysteries,
If you want to shine a light on your inner potential.
If you want to do any of this with a smile on your face
You and I need to talk.
Being a clarity coach, I am in Acceptance, unconditional, always and in all ways.

Get in Touch

You are significant. You are unique. You are strong. And you are HERE.

And now, tell me how I can help add on to this. I promise two things with the life clarity coaching:

  • Acceptance and Clarity
  • Revert within 48 hours, no matter what