Get clarity on work & life decisions with Dolveen

I facilitate the discovery of solutions through a simple shift in perspective, enabling you to achieve your life goals with confidence. My eclectic clarity coaching method provides a personalized approach tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Get clarity on career and life decisions ​

I help you discover the answers within with a simple shift in perspective so that you achieve your life goals confidently. My eclectic approach ensures a customized fit for your requirement.

Note from Dolveen

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I help you in gaining clarity regarding your professional and personal goals, as well as the ways to achieve them. When you possess a clear understanding of your inner world, you show up in the outside world with confidence and purpose. This is the essence of my transformational clarity coaching sessions.

My superpower is that you will leave our sessions with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of positivity. Often, a mere shift in perspective is all that is required, as perspective is paramount.

Your transformation with a smile is the primary focus of my clarity coaching sessions. Utilizing principles from psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I help you recognize, maximize, and harness your innate intelligence. I firmly believe that you already possess all the necessary resources within yourself, and together, we will unveil them.

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Our Services

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Clarity Coaching

Gain clarity on your life and career goals, along with the strategies to achieve them. Identify and eliminate internal fears and obstacles to your success. Clarity coaching enhances your self-awareness, empowering you to make informed decisions and take action in career selection, career transitions, and personal development. The ultimate objective is to improve personal effectiveness to lead a fulfilling life.

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group programs for students

Group Programs

You are not alone. Shared learning enhances the educational experience. We are on the same journey, as we all navigate different paths. Group programs focusing on mental well-being, life skills, and soft skills are designed to motivate and encourage self-exploration, enhance decision-making capabilities, and provide clarity for making effective life and career choices. Clarity Coach Dolveen Bhatti is known for her interactive and impactful group programs and workshops, which leave participants with a fresh perspective.

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Happy Clients!

For all support from choosing a career goal to self-belief, encouragement, planning out things in a better way, understanding, mental support, advice, guidance in everything, no matter what, and coaching the right thing at the right time and for always being there for me. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Your way of coaching and dealing with me was very distinctive and you try to help out the person as much as you can. I really enjoyed the coaching with you and I feel very lucky and happy to have had this experience. You have made a huge impact in my life. I am forever indebted to you. Once again for “A Big Thank You” for all your efforts.

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Utkarsh Shrivastava

Navigating Officer on
Merchant Vessels

Development and learning are part and parcel of any one’s life but for this we all need a proper coach and a mentor and when it comes to this, Dolveen Ma’am is my first go-to person. Knowing her for 16 years, her aura is magnificent. Her teachings are what I believe in and follow religiously. Being a working professional, I try not to miss her sessions because every lesson teaches me something new every time and that’s a value addition I like to do in myself. If your spirits are down, she will lift you up. If your heart is throbbing, her voice will calm you down. If you will find a negative energy within or outside, she will make you believe that your positives are more powerful. In other words, if no one is listening to your mind and heart, she is all ears. From a professor to life coach your teachings are what I look forward to and will always be doing it. Thank you so much mam for all the guidance and support. 🙏

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Juhi Mehta

Credit Manager at ICICI Bank

I had been reading books, trying to come out of the usual rut, of suppressed negativity, of blaming other people for my unhappiness. I was trying to find some purpose for my living, of making some sense of my existence. It was a constant doldrumy state of constantly getting hurt by anything and everything said and done by people around me. And then I met Dolveen. Her nonjudgmental persona helped me share my woes freely with her. She made me question my way of thinking and helped me look at things as they were instead of coloring it with my judgments. It was a fresh, empowering way of being, instead of being stuck in a staid, victim way of thinking. It made me believe that life was happening for me, not to me.

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Anupama Chib

Businessowner, Environmentalist

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You are significant. You are unique. You are strong. And you are HERE.

And now, tell me how I can help add on to this. I promise two things in my clarity coaching sessions:

  • Acceptance and Clarity
  • Revert within 48 hours, no matter what

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