Clarity can come in like a spark of light or an a-ha moment with just one shift in perspective. I have short videos to offer a vantage point on a variety of aspects relating to career, life and you & me in general. It is a kaleidoscope that you can often come back to as I keep updating it regularly.

All feelings are good




Just for today

Write it to Right it

Choices - Wants Vs Shoulds

Visuals Impact Us

Feeling Lost/Confused is Good

Understand or Accept - What comes First ?

Stay in the Right Now

Take it Out to Sort it Out

Perfection is an Illusion

Mistake is Okay

Triple Filter Test

Be Your Own Inspiration

Take Stock with a
FingerPrint Analysis

GPS of Life (FingerPrint Analysis)


Get in Touch

You are significant. You are unique. You are strong. And you are HERE.

And now, tell me how I can help add on to this. I promise two things:

  • Acceptance and Clarity
  • Revert within 48 hours, no matter what