I am good in academics , and can’t figure out which is the best choice to make?

Being good in academics combined with the right choice of subjects/course is the recipe for success. Getting clarity on what you are inherently good at and what will sustain your interest in the long run is the best way to make a choice.

What should be given preference course or college ?

The institute/college is integral to the whole experience of learning, however finally on the study table, it is the books of your subject/course and you alone. The subject matter is what you will deal with every day at your work place. So chose that intentionally

How is biometric assessment better than psychometric assessment ?

Biometric assessment takes away the influence of the past information and the present inclinations, and gives a totally unbiased picture of your innates strengths and challenge areas. It also tells you about interests/skills that you inherently have but may have not explored.

How will knowing my strengths and weaknesses help me in career/course decisions ?

When your choices are in sync with your strengths, your efforts pay results faster. Your challenge areas may be the ones that sabotage your efforts and awareness is the first step towards working on them.

Will you tell me what to do to make my life easy?

Your own thoughts and actions will make life easy for you. And I will help you explore and reach these thoughts and actions 

If you won’t tell me what to do , then why do I need you ?

Telling you what to do is based on the assumption that I know more than you do and that makes us unequal. I come with the firm belief that we have all the answers within. When you are caught up in the stream of the thought, feeling and action, it is lose sight of the inner resources. I become the anchor to hold you steady.

How will you bring clarity in my confusions ?

I help by asking questions, well directed and intentional. Questions which make you explore and reflect the basis of your confusions. And this leads to the unravelling of the layers and hence clarity.

How are you different from other coaches ?

It is like asking how one doctor is different from the other, and yet we still like one more than the other. It is a matter of their approach, their connection and the level of deep understanding of the principles, tools and techniques of coaching. My wish for you is, may you find the perfect match who combines holding safe space and nudging you to risk new thought and behaviour patterns. It is often a more intuitive choice. 

How can a coach know what is best for me ?

Only you know what is best for you, it is your life. Please be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. The coach provides the right environment for you to deep dive into what is it within you that is holding you back from what you know is the best for you. It’s all about you.

Dolveen you are a psychologist , so how is coaching different from therapy ?

In coaching the focus is on the goals you want to set and achieve and how you can do that. It is forward looking. I hold space for you to align your thoughts, feelings and actions to your goal achievement. In therapy, we focus on the healing from the past which may give rise to blocks today 


What if I don’t like what I find ?

That’s the best thing that can happen, because you are now in the perfect position to know exactly where and what to start working on to move towards what you will like .

I am scared you will come to know all my secrets ? (I get this a lot ☺)

The analysis cannot tell what You Did Last Summer (to quote that movie). The analysis will tell you what your capabilities are in the areas of logic, imagination, leadership, music, language and so on. What you use those capabilities for is up to you. In fact you will understand the reasons for those secrets  

Does this analysis predict astrology or palmistry ?

The analysis can tell you what you are innately capable of and what you can do with ease. However the choice of doing anything is always your own.

Doesn’t this then box me , label me ?

It does the exact opposite. It removes the labels you may have given or accepted of yourself as you now know the reasons. You will understand the labels you may have been carrying. This provides you with the opportunity to break those labels ( if you chose) using your strength areas 

What if the analysis suggests a career choice that is not in sync with what I as a parent want ?

As a parent, you ultimately want your child to be happy. Happiness is the by-product of doing what you like and achieving success in that. This analysis will highlight what your child is good at.

If this tells me how my brain is wired then I can’t change it , then why get this done?

You are born with a brain and it’s a choice you make to do with it what you chose. Knowing how you are wired gives you clarity of what you need to do to become how you want to be. It gives you the slight shifts you can make in your thinking and actions that will make the most impact in your life, personal and professional. 

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