The Artist in Me

I am an Artist. I love saying this aloud…

Painting connects me with my inner artist and makes me fall in love with my creativity. It is my place of calm joy and deep peace.

As I create Art, I get some of the best ideas and realisations and this adds creativity to every aspect of my life. I lose track of time, hunger and sleep.

The journey from I’m-not-creative to I-just-dabble to I-am-an-Artist

I grew up believing that my mother’s artistic genes missed me completely.

Though creatively inclined, I never considered myself an artist, till I discovered the beauty in the fluidity of watercolours ; the inherent artist could stay quiet no more.

It took a lot of inner work towards self-discovery and acceptance for me to find my peace and for the artist within me to find expression.

Now creativity is a way of life.

I paint without reference. I paint without fear.

I paint with love and acceptance.

I paint and live with the strong belief that it will all turn out well in the end. I have that power within me as a person and as an artist.

My working

My gallery

What I Create and Why I create this only

I paint loose florals. Each flower is uniquely beautiful no matter what size, shape or colour. Each flower is its own definition of beauty – just like you and me.

My Promise

When we meet I will present you a hand painted bookmark with a special quote just for you.