Thank you so much Dolveen. You have given us insights about what my girl can do in her life. We had no idea what DNE is. The assessment was comprehensive and accurate 👍The session with you was fabulous 🙏. I liked the way you spoke about each intricate detail. You have given us insights about possible career opportunities keeping in mind her strengths. I must admit that my daughter is more relaxed and calmer facing the exams. Thank you again

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Shraddha Srikant

Spl Educator

While my daughter was trying to decide which stream, she should take in 11th, we like the best Indian parents wanted her to take Science with Math but somewhere in my heart I knew she is not made for that. Thankfully one of my friends suggested counselling and we got the fingerprints counselling done for her from Dolveen. It was suggested that she would do better in commerce and the doubts that were there were cleared. She took Commerce with Math and she came out with flying colors. Thanks to Dolveen  

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Director Services

  I just want to thank you for such a wonderful session. I have already started working on myself. I was so lost for so long; I have found my starting point at least. I loved how you explained so much about me without even knowing about me. And the best part is that you showed both the positive and negative of every trait. So, we know where we can focus, instead of just saying God made me like this. I will totally recommend everyone to try this. Thank you ❤️

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Ayushi Agarwal

BBA Graduate

I had been reading books, trying to come out of the usual rut, of suppressed negativity, of blaming other people for my unhappiness. I was trying to find some purpose for my living, of making some sense of my existence. It was a constant doldrumy state of constantly getting hurt by anything and everything said and done by people around me. And then I met Dolveen. Her nonjudgmental persona helped me share my woes freely with her. She made me question my way of thinking and helped me look at things as they were instead of coloring it with my judgments. It was a fresh, empowering way of being, instead of being stuck in a staid, victim way of thinking. It made me believe that life was happening for me, not to me.

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Anupama Chib

Businessowner, Environmentalist

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I should be going for these sessions as we’d known each other since I was 13. But once I reached out, you made sure I was comfortable and I could talk about anything. I wasn’t sure about my career path, you helped set up the path for me. I had issues with my relationships, you got my mind cleared in that as well. I have been running from my college exams, but you finally helped me understand the value of it in a very simple way. And now I have not only appeared in those exams but also, I’m pretty confident to get those cleared this time. I’m very very grateful for everything you’ve done for me, and I will always be.  Thank you so much Ma’am.

Prakhar Tripathi

BBA Graduate

Hello Dolveen. I want to thank you for the most accurate and detailed analysis of my daughter’s fingerprints. My daughter Sukriti could not decide as to what stream or course she wanted to pursue after her 12th boards till we were told about you, and we got the assessment. The analysis was of great help in choosing her stream. As a parent I’m very happy and satisfied. Thank you so much for all the guidance. Monika

Monica Bhat

Homemaker from Noida

We thought fingerprint analysis would be a vague prediction based on the print. But, after we got it done through Ms Dolveen, we realized it was very scientific and quite accurate in terms of my son’s interests and future goals. Dolveen was easily able to strike a connect with my son that helped him to open up and understand the findings of the report.

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Amit Jain

CEO of India Audio

Dolveen did the fingerprint analysis for my daughter. I was amazed at the accuracy of the results.  Certain aspects of my daughter, very well known to us were correctly identified and explained by Dolveen. Dolveen’s communication skills are excellent.  She knows exactly how to get a child talking. She also gave her a varied range of options that she is good at and can pursue. Her advice was very timely and helpful. Grateful to Dolveen.

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Kalpana Pagay

Mother of Graduate

For all support from choosing a career goal to self-belief, encouragement, planning out things in a better way, understanding, mental support, advice, guidance in everything, no matter what, and coaching the right thing at the right time and for always being there for me. I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Your way of coaching and dealing with me was very distinctive and you try to help out the person as much as you can. I really enjoyed the coaching with you and I feel very lucky and happy to have had this experience. You have made a huge impact in my life. I am forever indebted to you. Once again for “A Big Thank You” for all your efforts.

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Utkarsh Shrivastava

navigating Officer on Merchant Vessels

A compassionate person who has always been there for me. I was fortunate to be counselled by Dolveen ma’am when I was in 11th standard. She helped me in her sessions to find my strengths and make a career out of it. She arranged for a meeting with a highly experienced Captain who could give me precise and actionable advice which proved to be a game changer for me in hindsight. I also find her insights very helpful when my thoughts are not aligned . I have found myself becoming a calm and grateful person along the way. I have a long way to go and I would always look out for Dolveen ma’am for guidance.

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Rajesh Datta

Third Engineer Officer

A very detailed evaluation of strength areas and clinical insights,  gave us a path to travel the road of career and subject decisions! Thank you !

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Dr Priyanka Bhabu

Mother of Class 11 Student

It was an unexpected experience. I was skeptical before we started. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we started off. I was accurately classified with the test. All in all, it was a nice experience.

Akxshet Kapoor

Class 10 student

Hi Dolveen, I really appreciate your guiding my son’s career directions and suggesting strategies to choose the right one. The best part was detailed discussion with us, and a child and comprehensive report based on several parameters.

Jatinder S Joshi

Father - Shivam Joshi

Dolveen has been one of our community’s most sought after Facilitators and for good reason- she brings an eclectic mix of real life approaches weaving it with her superb storytelling style. One cannot help but introspect after attending her workshops. Our students, Counselors, Educators and Institutional clients have always found her sessions to be insightful and engaging.

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Thomas John

AVP Learning

I had just started my journey as a career coach, and I met Dolveen. The first interaction was when she took a session with grade 11 completely ignorant kids! I sat through the session as a catalyst from the school but ended up learning a lot … her ability to immediately connect with the students … effortlessly pouring information and the spark with which she ignited the minds of many got me admiring her like a student!  I wish I had a career coach and counsellor like her in my younger days! 

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Sheetal Sharma

PGT Counsellor

Development and learning are part and parcel of any one’s life but for this we all need a proper coach and a mentor and when it comes to this, Dolveen Ma’am is my first go-to person. Knowing her for 16 years, her aura is magnificent. Her teachings are what I believe in and follow religiously. Being a working professional, I try not to miss her sessions because every lesson teaches me something new every time and that’s a value addition I like to do in myself. If your spirits are down, she will lift you up. If your heart is throbbing, her voice will calm you down. If you will find a negative energy within or outside, she will make you believe that your positives are more powerful. In other words, if no one is listening to your mind and heart, she is all ears. From a professor to life coach your teachings are what I look forward to and will always be doing it. Thank you so much mam for all the guidance and support. 🙏

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Juhi Mehta

Credit Manager at ICICI Bank

My association with Mrs Dolveen dates to 2015 when I had approached her for career counseling sessions for my students in Army School of grade 1X to X11. And it was just the beginning of a beautiful journey in which she took all possible steps to guide my students and their parents regarding the choice of subjects, based on the caliber of the students. She continued to provide her excellent services every year which was an asset to my students, parents, and the institution. Even today, whenever my students ask for specific counseling, I make sure to refer them to Mrs Dolveen as I’ve seen the amount of pain she takes to guide the students with scientific approach. She is truly a wonderful counselor and a good human being to interact with.

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Savita Kakkar

Ex-principal, Army School

Been very fortunate to have worked with Dolveen for a DNE analysis session. The entire session was well thought and structured in a manner that helped me understand every aspect of the analysis. It gave me valuable insights that I would take into account for my foreseeable future. The findings of the analysis were quite apt and surprising whilst giving a brief idea about the intricacy of our personalities that are embedded without even us knowing about it. It made me aware of harnessing my strengths and weaknesses to take things forward. Would highly recommend people to try it out and gauge a new perspective about yourself and how one can get better at it. Thank you.

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Arnav Noel Bhattacharya

Master Student

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