Group Programs

We learn more when we learn together, using interactive sessions full of positive regard as a platform for growth.

You impact and are impacted by the world around you and group programmes help you understand the impact of that impact. Group program works beautifully to get everyone on the same page regarding a concept and issue. 

Some Group Programs taken -

  • Conquering Change 
  • NLP for Excellence 
  • Innovating Mindsets for Success
  • Let’s Really See the World – Filters We Use 
  • Feedback – Power and Privilege 
  • What Stops You – Resistance Within
  • Who is. The Hero of Your Story
  • Habits and Decisions – What Leads You
  • Resilience – And We Bounce Back
  • Travelling Light into the Future 
  • Conversation Connects – Communication Skills

How Dolveen can help

Dolveen uses principles and techniques from Psychology and NLP to design customized programs. Communication and connection are the foundation of her sessions. If you have topic in mind, Dolveen can develop an interactive workshop for it keeping in mind the your particular audience.

How does one see the difference

Session are based on the Adult Learning Principles and use activity based learning. Activities are designed to be thought-provoking and insightful. Understanding and clarity is enhanced when the group explores the concepts together.  Dolveen offers continued support for any discussion post the learning experience.



I  take pride in the fact that I can design an engaging and relevant programme on any topic in the space of soft skills, life skills and personal development.

In schools Dolveen takes sessions for students, teachers and parents. The topics include career awareness, effective teaching strategies, study skills, innovating parenting, gender and cultural sensitivity, goal setting, to name a few.

Programmes to guide young adults to figure out their place in the world and help them explore the various facets they may want to adopt professionally and personally. Sessions on Emotional Intelligence , Innovating Mindsets for Success, Employability Skills, Preparing Young Leaders, Goal Setting, Say hello to the Future You, all serve the purpose to prepare the youth to move forward confidently.

Individual sessions are focused on you and your perspectives. The group programmes give you an opportunity to see how someone else views the topic and what their questions may be. It enhances your world view and helps you see things differently. And of course it is always an add on to confidence when you interact in a group and share your view point.

The connect is with the person in the audience, not to the designation or the role the person is playing. Every interaction is finally an individual dealing with another individual and this is where my background in psychology and NLP comes into play. If we can deal and heal the person, we can deal and heal any issue at hand.

A group program is a great start to explore any topic and explore self in the context of that topic. It can often lead to a desire to dive deeper and explore further, and for that we can discuss personal coaching plan most suitable for you.

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