Career Counselling

Timely and reliable career counselling for students ensures that time and effort is well directed and avoids the pain of U-turns.

Career Clarity coaching is for you if –

  • You really don’t know what you are inherently good at.
  • You like many things and don’t know which one to follow.
  • You are confused between the choice of a college vs course. 
  • You want to study and focus better, but just can’t figure out how. 
  • You are good in a subject, but it doesn’t interest you. 
  • You are interested in a stream/course and wonder if it matches your personality to pursue in the long run. 
  • Everyone is doing one thing and what you like is different, and that scares you.

What happens when you skip Career Counselling

The biggest obstacle to progress is delayed decisions. Without Career Counselling you carry the burden of doubts and ‘what-ifs’. Do you wonder –

  • What if you are stuck with a subject/career you don’t find joy in.
  • What if you let down those who have invested in you.
  • What if you waste time and effort, in the unsuitable career.
  • What if you don’t enjoy yourself because the effort is just too much.
  • What if you are not satisfied even if you are putting in all the effort.

With Career Counselling I help you face your questions and conquer the doubts. Now is the time, you are ready, let’s go for it

The outcome when you are with a COACH -

When you make decisions based on your potential, you have confidence in your choice. Dolveen supports you to get this confidence with Life Coaching. With clarity by your side – 

  • You approach the academics with enthusiasm.
  • You go all in with your best effort because you know you are in the right direction.
  • Your efforts bear results as the choice made is in sync with your potential.
  • When you are happy with the decision you are confident to try out newer things 

Let Dolveen help you to make a confident choice and approach your goals boldly.

How Dolveen can help

Being a psychologist, I understand the value of human potential. I use Fingerprint Analysis to help you realise your innate potential. Career Counselling with me, you get 

  • An unbiased 38 page report about your strengths and challenge areas.
  • Guidance on course or career selection based on innate potential.
  • Practical tips to further enhance the strengths that you have been blessed with.
  • The support to face your challenge areas and tips of how to work on them. 
  • An understanding of your learning style and study skills that will work best for you.

I introduce you to yourself and you get to know yourself better. You will come out with a clear understanding of how to make your brain work best for you. 


I am good in academics , and can’t figure out which is the best choice to make?

Being good in academics combined with the right choice of subjects/course is the recipe for success. Getting clarity on what you are inherently good at and what will sustain your interest in the long run is the best way to make a choice.

What should be given preference course or college ?

The institute/college is integral to the whole experience of learning, however finally on the study table, it is the books of your subject/course and you alone. The subject matter is what you will deal with every day at your work place. So chose that intentionally

How is biometric assessment better than psychometric assessment ?

Biometric assessment takes away the influence of the past information and the present inclinations, and gives a totally unbiased picture of your innates strengths and challenge areas. It also tells you about interests/skills that you inherently have but may have not explored.

How will knowing my strengths and weaknesses help me in career/course decisions ?

When your choices are in sync with your strengths, your efforts pay results faster. Your challenge areas may be the ones that sabotage your efforts and awareness is the first step towards working on them.

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You are significant. You are unique. You are strong. And you are HERE.

And now, tell me how I can help add on to this. I promise two things:

  • Acceptance and Clarity
  • Revert within 48 hours, no matter what