How Clarity leads to Discipline and success in life

What is discipline

“You have power over your mind—not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ~ MARCUS AURELIUS

The ability to make decisions and stick to them is called discipline. People who live an accomplished and successful life are all extremely disciplined. 

To achieve any goal in life, whether it is weight loss or building wealth or building a successful career you need to be disciplined.

Being disciplined is not easy

Being disciplined is not easy. It’s easy to set goals, but what’s difficult is to put in the work consistently. Let’s say you decide to lose 10 kgs to get in shape. You are excited and start dreaming about your new looks and all the clothes you can wear.

You buy new shoes, you start going to the gym, you announce to your friends and family about your new goals.

Now the reality hits. You have to do the work, you have to go to the gym, you have to follow the diet.

After a few weeks you notice that you haven’t lost much weight, and the diet is difficult to follow, and you have hardly any time for gym.

And slowly you skip the gym and leave the diet and go back to your usual self.

What’s wrong with you? Are you not disciplined enough to lose 10 kgs?

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Whatever you’ve been taught about discipline is wrong!

The way discipline is taught universally is that we decide what we want in life and then we work towards it with full force. We rely on sheer will power to get the job done. But when things get tough, and we don’t get the results the motivation goes down and so does the will power.

How discipline doesn’t work

Discipline doesn’t work on will power. Exercising too much of will power will burn you out. You will start resenting your new routine and quit soon in the lack of results.

If you want to discipline yourself and achieve your goals and dreams, you need to dig deeper.

Clarity gives you power

The first step to discipline is self-awareness. Understand what you clearly want in life. You need to be clear about the effort and the discipline required to achieve your goals. 

If the reward is not bigger than the effort, then you will never be motivated enough to discipline yourself. Know yourself worth and set higher goals.

Find your power: understand your emotions. Your bad habits do not make you a bad person. Your poor finances do not make you a poor person. 

Once you accept yourself and believe in yourself you would find it much easier to discipline. You’d still need to eat salads and exercise, but you’d know that you are going to get a remarkable body in return.

Build your powerful routine: the easiest way to discipline yourself is to build habits. To build habits you need Clarity.

Clarity leads to discipline in life

Let’s say you want to exercise; you should know very Cleary 

  1. What to exercise – your exercise routine 
  2. When to exercise – what time of the day you will exercise 
  3. Where to exercise – would you exercise at home or at the gym

Discipline is like a muscle, the more you practice a habit, the more powerful it becomes. 

According to the transtheoretical model (TTM), during the initial stages of habit building you are going to miss your routine a few times, you may even go back to your initial habits. But after a certain point, your habit will become automatic, and you will be self-disciplined.

You would be able to do the things you want and achieve your goals without relying on will power.

Clarity gives meaning to your life

You get satisfaction and enjoyment in life when you have a sense of control. If you know how to play guitar well, you’d enjoy playing it. If you know how to bake a good cake, you’d enjoy cooking. Developing skills or achieving goals in life requires clarity. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want to invest time in. Clarity brings satisfaction in life.

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