Let’s get clear

how to get clarity in decision making

Confusions are like the clouds that hid the stars of thoughts and ideas. Getting clarity is the first step for any movement forward in life. With clarity comes calm and purposeful effort. It sprouts inspiration and motivation.

As a Career and Life Clarity Coach I help people discover clarity and I work towards keeping my thoughts clear too. Here are a few things that help me make clarity easier –

Make space for clarity – 

The space around you influences the space inside you. It can get difficult to think clearly, when visually you are surrounded by clutter. I clear out and organize the space around me, my room, workstation, cupboard and so on and this encourages clarity in thought as well.

Prioritize for clarity – 

What matters for you and how it shows up in your day, make space for it. I note down what is important for me for the time at hand to get clarity about where I want my focus to be. When I know that, it is easy to arrange other things around it.

Focus on task at hand for clarity –

Do one thing at a time, no matter what that one thing is. It trains the mind to not clutter up and opens space for thought. I call these Thought Time Tasks. They let me think without effort as I complete task like taking a bath, cleaning my cupboard, writing a blog.

Reduce Distractions for clarity –

This is self-explanatory really. The beeps and pings of notifications eat into our attention, and we don’t realize the time it takes to come back mentally to the task at hand. I keep all my notifications off, to be seen as I want them, and not to be at the beck and call of them. Know where you want your focus and everything els, for that time, is a distraction.

Silence for clarity – 

I call it Sit Quiet, simply. Even if for 5-10 minutes, I do it daily. I lower the volume of my thoughts with an imaginary dial and imagine the noise reducing. This helps me sit in silence. As the mind settles in silence, clarity floats up.

Write for clarity –

This is one the most powerful techniques to use when you are in most confusion. Write down the thoughts and start to see the patterns. Once the thoughts are out in the open, I can see them clearly and can start to analyse them. Very impactful

Sleep well for clarity –

Brain sorts information during deep sleep and often clarity comes with just the ‘sleep over it’. Lack of sleep muddles the brain, giving it no time for sorting and hence adds to the confusion. I aim to sleep on time to get at least six and a half or seven hours and wake up fresh and clear.

Eat well for clarity –

Often when confused we can use stimulants like coffee to help us think better and in the long run it is counterproductive. It hinders sleep and that does not help. Eat well and sleep well to think better.

All the points impact and are impacted by the others and contribute to increased focus on the current thinking. 

Descartes said , “Doubt is the origin of all wisdom.”

Clarity is an ongoing process. Try these points to get more clarity in life, and if still in confusion let me help you find clarity about your goals and decisions. Connect with me and let’s get clear.

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